Did You Know?

Since 2010, Bentley's Fed Challenge teams have placed:

Won 1st place Boston region and national champions (2010)

2nd place in the Boston regional competition (2011)

Won 1st place Boston region, and first runner up in the national competition (2012)

Third place in the Boston regional final competition (2013)

Won 1st place Boston region, and honorable mention in the national competition (2014 and 2015)

Regional Finalist in the Boston regional Competition (2016)

Regional Finalist in the Boston regional Competition (2018)

Regional Finalist in the Boston regional Competition (2019)

Regional Finalist in the Boston regional Competition (2020)

Bentley's teams have advanced to the regional finals competition twelve of the fourteen times they have competed.

Bentley's teams have won the regional competition, advancing to the national competition four times.

What is in store for monetary policy in 2021?

Take EC 454 - College Fed Challenge Course!

Are you a monetary policy geek? Do you want to be one? Get course credit for participating in a monetary policy debate team! Help us build a Fed Challenge dynasty and win another national championship!

Bentley’s team competes against local schools at the Boston Federal Reserve, in November with the possibility of advancing to the National Finals competition in Washington DC in December.

ALL MAJORS WELCOME! Junior standing or above preferred for Fall 2021 (outstanding underclassmen will be seriously considered); Prerequisites: EC 111/112.

The application process to be considered for the Fall 2021 team will begin soon! If you are interested in joining the 2021 team, applications will be accepted beginning late February 2021, with final team chosen by early March. Selection process is competitive and openings are limited; selected students will be enrolled in EC 454 – College Fed Challenge and will participate in the debate competition. Team and class: approximately 10 students.

To apply, please see information below. Please contact Prof. Dave Gulley (dgulley@bentley.edu) or Prof. Laura Jackson-Young (ljackson@bentley.edu) for more information or questions on how to apply.

Interested in Joining the 2021 Team?

Please join us for an informational session for prospective 2021 team members describing what Fed Challenge is all about, how the class is involved, and experiences from previous team members. The informational session will be held February TBD, 2021. Join us for free prizes!!! All majors/class codes welcome and encouraged to attend!!

A description of the application process is below, with all material for applications due by early March 2021. Thanks for your interest!

What is the College Fed Challenge (CFC)?

The CFC is a monetary policy debate competition organized by select regional Federal Reserve districts. Each year, the Boston Fed hosts a competition among local colleges and universities where teams give a brief presentation to judges. The presentation provides a monetary policy recommendation based on current economic conditions.

Five teams get to advance to a second round, from which a winner is chosen to represent the Boston Federal Reserve District in the National Finals competition held in Washington D.C. several weeks later.

In the first year Bentley fielded a team (2007), they advanced to the regional finals round of the Boston competition. Bentley's 2008 team narrowly missed advancing to the 2nd round. Bentley’s 2009 and 2011 teams took 2nd place in the regional competition. The 2012 team took first place in the Boston region, and earned first-runner up in the national competition. The 2013 team placed third in the regional final competition. The 2014 and 2015 teams again won the regional competition, and earned a national honorable mention, while the 2016 and 2018 teams put in a strong showing by advancing to the regional finals round of Boston. And of course, the 2010 team bested over 100 teams and was crowned national champions!! There are many high quality schools and teams in the Boston area, so competition is strong. For more information about the competition and how it works see here and here.

How is the EC 454 Class Involved?

Preparing for the competition is a lot of work, and a lot of fun. But because of the work involved and the learning experience, a course was created to allow Bentley’s team to be more competitive, and recognize the hard work of the team members by giving students course credit. All students who will be on the CFC team will be required to enroll and participate in the course. The course can be counted as an EC elective, business elective, or unrestricted elective for applying towards degree requirements. In addition, the course is also designated as communication intensive for Fall 2021.

Who can apply?

Any undergraduate majors who are interested in the monetary policy process are welcomed and encouraged to apply! Although most applications will likely be from economics-finance and managerial economics majors, we strongly encourage all majors to apply. A diversity of backgrounds by the individuals strengthens the entire team. Prerequisites for the course and to be on the team are EC 111 and EC 112; we prefer class code 5 or higher (junior) as of Fall 2021, however exceptions may be made for outstanding underclassman candidates, and we encourage underclassmen to apply.

I’m interested in participating! How do I apply?

Interested students will be asked to submit the following:

  1. A letter of interest stating why you want to be a part of the College Fed Challenge. The letter should include a description of the strengths you believe you can bring to the team to contribute to the competition, as well as relevant experiences that you can bring to the team. In the letter you should also provide information about GPA, major, class standing, and a list of EC courses you have taken.
  2. An up-to-date copy of your resume.
  3. A brief (no more than 10 slides) PowerPoint presentation on the following topic: Give a brief overview of the current factors affecting the inflation rate, and the policy implications.

Optional—Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to do one of the following:

    1. Set up a brief in-person meeting with one or both team advisors, prior to the application deadline to briefly discuss your PowerPoint slides.
    2. Present your PowerPoint slides on screencast-o-matic.com. See website or information session for details.


A professional presentation of the application materials is important, and will be considered along with academic qualifications, level of interest, and the candidate’s strength and diversity of experiences.

Applications should be submitted by email to dgulley@bentley.edu by the deadline indicated above. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Only 5 students are allowed to present in the CFC competition, however we may allow up to about 10 students to participate in the course and team functions, with the remainder of students as alternates.

Based on the quality of applicants and applications, selected students will be invited to join the team and enroll in the associated EC 454 course for the Fall semester. All applicants will be notified of acceptance or not before Fall registration begins, by early March 2021.

Special thanks to our team's corporate sponsor for providing funding for travel and research related expenses. Thanks P/E Investments for supporting academic excellence!


Congratulations to Bentley's 2020 Team!

Bentley's team finishes third in the regional finals competition!

Clockwise from upper left: Co-Advisor Laura Jackson-Young, Celia Schurman, Max Podolski, Sarah Al-Masri, Co-Advisor Dave Gulley, Jake Chaput, Harshvir Parmar, and Miles Shaheen (center).

Congratulations to Bentley's 2019 Team!

Bentley's team advances again to the regional finals competition!

Left to Right: Aaron Jackson (Team Co-Advisor), Jake Chaput, Majd Al-Mejren, Max Podolski, Ed Musheyev, Cam Mercatanti, Brian Foley, Illeana Osmena, Tom Petridis, Isabella Repucci, Mike Balboni, Miles Shaheen, Dave Gulley (Team Co-Advisor).

Picture taken at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, November 18, 2019.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2018 Team!

Bentley's team advances to the regional finals competition!

Left to Right: Dave Gulley (Team Co-Advisor), Mark Maney, Jack Rischitelli, Nikesh Teckwani, Christopher Compton, Timothy Kelly, Kenneth Cafiero, Aaron Jackson (Team Co-Advisor).

Picture taken at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, October 29, 2018.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2017 Team!

Another strong showing amid tough competition!

Left to Right: Aaron Jackson (Team Co-Advisor), Alex Sheldon, Sean Kiely, Mark Maney, Henry SooHoo, Ciara Mann, Christopher Compton, Jack Rischitelli, Daniel Carr, Dave Gulley (Team Co-Advisor).

Picture taken at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, November 3, 2017.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2016 Team!

Boston Regional Competition Finalist!

Left to Right: Aaron Jackson (Team Co-Advisor), Eli Frank, Sara Buckbee, Jeff Pierce, Matt Zeglen, T.J. Tracey, Amanda Pine, Renato Mendes, Marie Tuchy, Mat Abud, Michael Liotti (Student Manager), Tristan Schietinger, Dave Gulley (Team Co-Advisor).

Picture taken at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, November 14, 2016.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2015 Team!

Boston Regional Final Champions and National Honorable Mention!

Left to Right: Michael Liotti, Aaron Jackson (Team Co-Advisor), Amanda Pine, Dan Reeves, Kathryn Mastromarino, Matt Zeglen, Janet Yellen (Chair, Federal Reserve), Michael Acampora, Aizhan Uzakova, Brian Levine, Alice Lin, Dave Gulley (Team Co-Advisor), Sal Visali.

Picture taken at Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, December 2, 2015.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2014 Team!

Boston Regional Final Champions and National Honorable Mention!

Left to Right: Michael Liotti, Mirtha Dominguez, Matt Paniati, Sal Visali, Dan Reeves, Alexis de Bruin, Janet Yellen (Chair, Federal Reserve), Santiago Rada, Aizhan Uzakova, Brian Levine, Aaron L. Jackson (Team Co-Advisor), Dave Gulley (Team Co-Advisor).

Picture taken at Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, December 2, 2014.

Listen to Mirtha, Sal and Aaron discuss Fed Challenge on "Taking Stock", with Carol Massar, November 24, 2014.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2013 Team!

Third Place in the Regional Final Competition!

Left to Right: Aaron L. Jackson (Team Co-Advisor), Alexis de Bruin, Chris Scutti (front), Daniel Kazani (back), Veronica Santos, Dave Randolph, Aradhana Kaul, Patrick Curran, Daniel Peter, Allesandro Taiana, Santiago Rada.

Picture taken at Boston Federal Reserve, November 6, 2013.

Listent to Aradhana and Aaron talk monetary policy on "The Hays Advantage", January 30, 2014.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2012 Fed Challenge Team!

Places First in Boston Region Competition, and First Runner Up in National Finals Competition at the Board of Governors!!

Bernanke with team

Pictured from left to right: Aaron Jackson (team advisor), Guillermo Fernandes, Alfonso Martinez, Brian Rogers, Erik Larsson, Dan Battista (behind), Ben Bernanke (chairman of the Federal Reserve), Denise Klop, Cody Normyle, Tom Moore, Josh Kulak, Spencer Tirella, Dave Gulley (team advisor).

Picture taken at the Board of Governors, Washington DC, November 27, 2012.

See the press release from the Federal Reserve on the national championship competition here.

A story from Reuters featuring Bentley on the national championship competition here.

Listen to Erik, Tom, and advisor Aaron on Bloomberg Radio's "Hays Advantage" talk about our team and competition here, and chat with Larry Meyer here (recorded Wednesday, March 20, 2013)

Rosengren with team

The team, along with Bentley University President Gloria Larson, and Scott Guild (FRB Boston Director of Economic Education).

Picture taken at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, November 9, 2012.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2011 College Fed Challenge Team: 1st Runner Up - Boston Region!

From left to right: Scott Guild (Director of Education, FRB Boston), Dave Gulley (Co-advisor), Ross Sabasteanski, Yulia Podolny, Aaron Jackson (rear, Co-advisor), Nick Fahmie, Edith Joachimpillai, Brett Kirkland, Matias Bojanic,  Monika Aderbauer, James Cruise, Alex Nocella, Alfred Amasanti.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2010 National Championship College Fed Challenge Team!

Left to right: Aaron Jackson (team co-advisor), Maximillian Barco, David Norrish, Pranay Kumar Jain, Shohana Jannat, Satyajeet Jadhavrao, Peter Jurik, Victoria Lee Tran, Christina J. Harstad, O. David Gulley (team co-advisor). Picture taken at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Washington D.C.

Bentley’s 2010 Fed Challenge team won the Boston regional district competition, and defeated teams from the Richmond, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia districts in Washington D.C. to be crowned NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

Watch their performance on YouTube here

The 2010 team was tops among over 100 teams nationally fielding teams, which included Harvard (2 time former champion), Yale, Dartmouth, MIT, Brown, Lafayette (previous defending champion), Northwestern (3 time former champion), Iowa, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Michigan, Barnard, Cornell, Fordham, Rutgers, Princeton, UNC, Duke, and Virginia, among others.


Congratulations to Bentley’s 2009 College Fed Challenge Team! 1st Runner Up—Boston Region!!

From Left to Right: J. Kingsley Greenland, Laura Jackson, Austin Smith, Jane Mei (Front), Jeanette McKenna, Rohith Lokareddy (Back Center), Yiyi Xia (Front Center), Dave Gulley (Team Co-Advisor), Scott Guild (Director of Education, FRB Boston), Aaron Jackson (Team Co-Advisor), Robert Tannenwald (Judge, FRB Boston Economist), Christina Wang (Judge, FRB Boston Economist). Competition held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, November 16, 2009.

Teams We Beat in 2009: MIT, Yale, Dartmouth, Tufts, BC, BU, Bryant, Middlebury, Vermont, Northeastern, Quinnipiac, UMass-Lowell, Clark, Framingham St., Salem St., Simon’s Rock, WNEC, and Bridgewater St.

Congratulations to Bentley's 2008 team, Narrowly Missing Advancing to the Regional Finals Round!

Left to Right: Scott Guild (Director of Education, FRB Boston), Dave Gulley (Team Co-Advisor), Jane Mei, Matthew Kahn, Megan Walsh, Nick Henrich, John Warwick, Aaron L. Jackson (Team Co-Advisor).